The iPhone App. iSpySculpture has been developed to give both Dubliners, and visitors to Dublin, an easy-to-use iPhone guide to a selection of the City’s rich collection of public and semi-public sculptures.

Available on the App Store

The App. carries a photograph, a short text description (of the work, who made it, and its background story) and a map location for 50 selected pieces of sculpture, almost all within a one kilometre radius of O’Connell Bridge, at the centre of the City.

Available on the App Store

The artworks are organised by street area, making it easy to plan a visit, your own short tour, or to check out a single work. There is also an A to Z listing to make it easier to find a particular piece. You can select items and save them to a favourites list. Each sculpture has a Google-map reference to facilitate location.

All this information (except for the maps, which are supplied by Google maps) is included in the app, so visitors to Dublin need not incur roaming charges, unless they chose to use the map feature.

The iSpy Sculptures have been selected to include a mix from Dublin’s rich selection of classic nineteenth-century works, sculptures by more contemporary Irish artists, plus works by well-known international artists such as Rodin, Henry Moore and Alexander Calder.

Public sculpture is a democratic form of art. It shares our streets and parks with us, and is accessible for all of us, to like or dislike, as we wish. However, over time, with familiarity, it can become “invisible” as we take it for granted and fail to notice its continued presence.

It is hoped that the iSpy Sculpture App. will help us to recapture that first excitement many of the pieces caused when first erected, by reminding us of who or what they represent and why they have been celebrated in such a public way.

The text and design of iSpySculpture has been done by the family team of Antony and David Suttle, with photography by Bridget Suttle. Software development is by Shanagarry Technologies Ltd.

The iSpy Sculpture (Dublin) App. has been developed with the assistance of a Cultural Technology Grant from the Department of Tourism, Culture and Sport.

Available now on the App Store.

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